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Born in the city of Lima - Peru on April 12 Margarita Catalina Holguin de la Cueva gifted with an prodigious innate voice under the Catholic sacramental union of her parents, José Hernando Holguin Rojas and Margarita de la Cueva de Holguin, being blessed with six children.
Margarita begins to demonstrate her dedication for singing when she is barely two years old, performing her first concert of Spanish verses at the age of 10.
Married in Lima Peru under Catholic blessings as a result of this union, her children; Gilson, Winston, Flora, Floriana and Friso.
Imigrated to Europe developing her Vocal talent with harpists and guitarists.
Margarita received Dutch Nationality from the King of the Netherlands, being able to keep her Peruvian Nationality in the same way.
Winner of a trophy in the Classical world of the Opera, a contest carried out by the Dutch television station TROS, receiving the name of her innate talent for the interpretation of a Zarzuela composed by Gironimo Jimenez 'La Boda de Luis Alonso '.
she received the honor of performing an Aria by Monte Verdi at the Royal opening of a theater in the city of Almere The Netherlands with the presence of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
Margarita makes her first CD "Ensueños del Alma" at the "Most" studios in the city of Amsterdam with the support of the Mayor of the City of Almere Annemarie Jorritsma for her great talent in Classical Music, receiving in the same way the education of her voice through private classes by a teacher from the High Conservatory of the City of Utrecht.
Started in 2009 until 2018
Realization of Mass Concerts under the Holy Tradition of the Lord of Miracles held in the Basilica of Sint Nicolas in the city of Amsterdam - Holland, with the presence of His Excellency Ambassador of Peru in the Netherlands Allán Wagner and His Excellency Consulate Alberto Campana. Performing her First Concert to the first procession of The Brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles in Amsterdam and the First Creole Mass organized by the Consulate of Peru in the Netherlands, receiving the titel as National Soprano from the Consulate of Peru in the Netherlands Liliana Torres de Muga Olarte,Music performed by Pastor Theo Beusink.
Concert held in the city of Almere Haven - The Netherlands together with the "" Almere Symphony Orchestra "under the direction of the Orchestra Director John Leenders.
Margarita makes a production with the great Canarian group "Los Faycanes" directed by Antonio Cejudo together with his 35 members of musicians and vocalists.
Started in 2012 until 2017
Carrying out Charity Concerts in Peru supporting the educational development of children in the Andes through reading in the Huancavelica region
Concert in the Basilica of Sint Nicolas in the city of Amsterdam in honor of the 25 years of the Brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles of Amsterdam as president Mrs. Ana Maria de Korver Bravo and as founder and Honored President Mrs. Carmen Valverde, Music performed by Father Cristián Duarte.
Opening Concert held at the "Grand Luxor Theater" in the city of Rotterdam - The Netherlands, organized by the GNO - Global Network Organization and directed by manager and director JD Hulsman.
Honored performance as National Soprano of Peru in the Netherlands granted by the Diplomatic Corps of Peru in the Netherlands.
Benefit Concert held for the aid of the natural disasters that occurred in Peru 'Una Sola Fuerza', with the presence of the Ambassador of Peru in the Netherlands Carlos Herrera and the His Excellency Consúl Jorge Wurst, receiving the gratitude and honor of the Diplomatic corps for said participation.
Awarded with a memorial Plate by the Villa de Arma Social Center for the outstanding work of the Peruvian Culture in different parts of Europe.
Concert in the Virgen del Pilar Church, San Isidro Lima Peru Organized by the Arturo Castro Guerra Foundation.
Concert in the Sant -Germain-Làuxerrois Church organized by the Brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles of Paris France on the occasion of the Fireplace st European Meeting of all the brotherhoods of Europe.
Concert in the Cathedral Sankt Erik Katolska Domkyrka city of Stockholm - Sweden organized by the brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles of Stockholm in honor of their Silver wedding anniversary.
Concert at the Basilica of Saint Peter, Vatican, organized by the brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles of Rome with the presence of Cardinal Pedro Ricardo Barreto Jimeno; Peruvian Ambassador Julio Eduardo Martinette Macedo; Ambassador of Peru in the land of Santa María Elvira Velásquez Rivas-Plata; Consúl of Peru in Rome Jaime Enrique Valdivia Monchego Roque; Admiral José Antonio Moreno Gonzales, thus becoming the Vatican's history as the first National Soprano Peruvian who sings in the holy land.
Margarita Catalina Holguin

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